[ PART 1 ] = Mama/Wolf/Growl/MID Era/NON-EXO Mixes

*listed by date of upload : old » new*

personal favorites = ♥


DOCTOR [Overdose Mix] 

OVERDOSE [K/M Split Headset]


AIR (RnB Version)  [Moonlight-Love Love Love Mix]


AIR [Moonlight-Love Love Love Mix] ♥

MY LIGHT[Moonlight-Baby Mix] ♥

OUR LOVE [What Is Love—Love Love Love Mix] ♥

TELL ME WHAT IS LOVE(Kyungsoo Solo) [HQ Version Mix] ♥

THE STAR’S THUNDER [The Star-Thunder Mix]

ALL OF MOONLIGHT [Moonlight(EXO)-All of Me(John Legend) Mix] 

BEAUTIFUL(Suho Solo) [HQ Version Mix] 

DON’T RUN CROOKED [Don’t Go(EXO)-Run(EXO)-Crooked(GD) Mix] 

TELL ME WHAT IS LOVE [Dance Ver. Mix]♥ 

MY TURN TO CRY(Baekhyun Solo) [HQ Version Mix]

BABY MAKER [Chanyeol Appreciation Mix]

BLACK THUNDER [Thunder-Black Pearl Mix]

LUV YOUR MOONLIGHT [Moonlight(EXO)-Luv in Skool Outro(BTS) Mix] ♥ 

L.O.V.E [Love Love Love (Chill) Mix] ♥

MEDICINE [Overdose (Fluffy) Mix]

LATCH ONTO LOVE [What Is Love-Tell Me What Is Love—-Love Love Love(EXO)-Latch(Sam Smith) Mix]

DREAMING OF YOU [Peter Pan(EXO)-Moonlight(EXO)-My Old Story(IU)-Symptoms(Shinee) Mix]

LADY IN THE RAIN  [Thunder-My Lady Mix] ♥ 

RUN TO YOU [Run(EXO)-XO(Beyonce) Mix] 

YOU’RE MY DRUG [Overdose(EXO)-Symptoms(SHINee)

ADDICTED [Two Moons-Wolf-Overdose Mix]

SWEET LIKE HONEY[Kyungsoo Appreciation Mix] ♥♥♥ 

BLACK PEARL [The Lost Planet HQ Mix]

FLY AWAY [Love Love Love(EXO)-Butterfly(F(x)) Mix] ♥ **new** 

RUN BACK TO ME [Run(EXO)-Back(Infinite) Mix]**new**

WAKE ME UP [Just One Day(BTS)-Moonlight(EXO)-My Lady(EXO) ♥♥♥ **new**

2AM [Thunder-Mama-Heart Attack Mix] **new**

NOMORE TEARS [My Turn To Cry-Overdose-Lucky Mix] **new**

YOU SHINE SO BRIGHT [Moonlight Mix ~w/ original instrumental~] **new** 

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[ PART 2 ] - Overdose Era

*listed by date of upload: old » new*

personal favorites = ♥


EXTHOPLANET CRACK MIX [El Dorado-Angel-Machine-Wolf-What Is Love-Beautiful-History-Mama Mix]

XOXO CRACK MIX [Don’t Go-Peter Pan-Baby-365-Black Pearl-Wolf-Baby Don’t Cry Mix]

GROWL CRACK MIX [My Lady-Lucky-Heart Attack-Love-Growl-XOXO-Let Out The Beast Mix] ♥


PETER PAN’S AIRPLANE MIX [Peter Pan-Airplane Mix]

CAN’T WAIT [Kyungsoo Birthday Project Mix] ♥

BABY SAY NOMORE [Baby Don’t Cry Mix]

EXOGASM CRACK MIX [Exthoplanet-XOXO-Growl Mix]

CRY [It’s My Turn To Cry Mix] 

MIRACLES [Miracles In December Mix] ♥

MIRACLES [MID Mix cute version] ♥

MY BABY’S FIRST [Baby-The First Snow Mix]

SOOGASM INTRO EXTENDED [Exo Dubstep Intro Mix] ♥

GROWLING RUM PUM [Growl(EXO)-Rum Pum Pum Pum(F(x)) Mix] 

XINGXING MIX [Yixing’s SMRookies Mix]

GROWL[Jazz Version]

DON’T GO BABE [Don’t Go Mix] ♥

LADY[My Lady Mix] ♥

ONE PEARL [One Shot(BAP)-Black Pearl(EXO) Mix] ♥

ONE BABY [Baby-Dubstep Intro Mix] 

MY TURN TO STOP [Can’t Stop(CNBLUE)-My Turn To Cry(EXO) Mix] ♥

SUNNY [Sunny10 Mix] ♥

URLF [Wolf(K) Mix]

HAPPINESS [EXO-M’s Immortal Song]


ATTACK[Heart Attack Mix 2] *this was for a tutorial*

MACHINES DONT CRY [Machine-Baby Don’t Cry Mix]

EL DORADO’S BEAUTY [El Dorado-Beautiful Mix] ♥

EL PEARL [Black Pearl-El Dorado Mix]

ATTACK [Heart Attack Mix (Come Back Home Ins.)]

LUCKY WENDY [Peter Pan-Lucky Mix] ♥

GROWL IN TENNIS COURTS [Growl Mix (Tennis Court Ins.)]

ANGELS IN DECEMBER [Angel-Miracles In December Mix] ♥ 

LET OUT THE HAPPINESS [Let Out The Beast(EXO)-Happy(2ne1) Mix] 

MAKING HISTORY [History (Dirty Bass) Mix] 

LET OUT THE MONSTER [Let Out The Beast(EXO)-Monster(BIG BANG) Mix] ♥ 

LADY’S NIGHT [My Lady(EXO)-Every Night(EXID) Mix] ♥ 


LOVE IS A MIRACLE [What is Love-Miracles in December Mix] 

BLACK HEART [Heart Attack(EXO)-Black(GD) Mix]

THE OCEAN [Black Pearl-Heart Attack Mix] **new**

GROWL IN THE DARKNESS [Growl(EXO)-Light Up The Darkness(VIXX) Mix] **new**

LOST IN YOU [Hip Hop Lover(BTS)-Let Me Know(BTS)-Black Pearl(EXO) Mix] **new**

——————————NON EXO MIX—————————-

HELLO LOVE [Falling In Love(2ne1)-Hello(GOT7) Mix] 

BREATHING ZONE [Breath(SM The Ballad)-Grey Zone(Nell)]

COME BACK LOVE {PT1} [Come Back Home-Missing You(2ne1)]

COME BACK LOVE {PT2} [Come Back Home-Missing You(2ne1)] ♥

IM NOT HAPPY [Happy(2ne1) Mix] ♥ 

RAINBOW EYES [Eyes, Nose, Lips(Taeyang)-Rainbow(F(x)) Mix] 

WE COULD HAPPEN [Monterlude(Rap Monster)-Something(Rap Monster) Mix] **new**

SO COLD [PART 1] [Melted(Akdong Musician) Mix] **new**

SO COLD [PART 2] [Melted(Akdong Musician) Mix] ♥ **new**